Wrapped in the dazzling sunlight of this beautiful land

Interiormade for the needs of customers

The original antique pieces, comprise the sage colours, the movement of the curtains to the summer breeze

brocade furniture, photographs of the Sicilian architecture introducing the culture of our places, take us back to the spirit of this fashion house that offers have ten beds located in four rooms, each different, and proposes various solutions for ad hoc system, in line with the needs of selected customers.



Alleys,a fascinating view

And do not forget the visit of the “alleys” of the city forming the historical centre in simpler but more authentic look, as enriched in the architecture of small houses and narrow streets, squares and balconies full of flowers that run in a series of salts and down, respecting the nature of the rugged territory in a succession of charming and intimate squares, ancient railings and delicate ceramic colours, placed here and there to decorate homes.